Reproducible Research in Computational Ecology

FRB-CESAB & GdR EcoStat training course

Nicolas Casajus (FRB-CESAB) , Iago Bonnici (CNRS ISEM) , Stéphane Dray (CNRS LBBE) , Olivier Gimenez (CNRS CEFE) , Loreleï Guéry (CIRAD PHIM) , François Guilhaumon (IRD ENTROPIE) , Nina Schiettekatte (EPHE CRIOBE) , Aurélie Siberchicot (UCBL LBBE)

  Pre-registrations for the 2023 training course session are closed.

The objective of this five-day training course, co-organized by the FRB-CESAB and the GdR EcoStat, is to train young researchers in reproducibility, software development and version management tools (e.g. Git, GitHub, R Markdown, Quarto, renv, Docker), applied to biodiversity research.

N.B. This training course is in French, but some slides are available in English in the tab Courses/.


Monday Icebreaker & Introduction to the week
Open science & Reproducible research SLIDES
Research compendium & Good practices SLIDES
Version control with Git & GitHub SLIDESSLIDES
Tuesday Basics of R Markdown SLIDES
Extending R Markdown: websites, slides and dashboards
Introduction to Quarto
Pipeline toolkit with targets SLIDES
Wednesday Dealing with R package versions with renv SLIDES
Containerization with Docker SLIDES
Building an R package SLIDES
Thursday Subgroups projects
Friday Subgroups projects


Please follow this tutorial to install your working environment before attending the training course.

You also need to create an account on GitHub.

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Casajus N, Bonnici I, Dray S, Gimenez O, Guéry L, Guilhaumon F, Schiettekatte NMD & Siberchicot A (2023) FRB-CESAB & GdR EcoStat training course: Reproducible Research in Computational Ecology. Zenodo.


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